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How to Thicken Your Beard Instantly

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If you gave up on growing out your beard the first time around, don’t feel bad. It’s pretty common for most men to shave off their beard after a matter of weeks, simply because they can’t stand the Itchy phase. Unfortunately, growing out a beard takes time, patience, and commitment. However, another common reason most men shave off their beards before they’ve grown in is due to the patchiness that tends to remain for several weeks or even months.

However, there are some great beard growth tricks that you can try that can help if you don’t know how to thicken your beard or what to do to give it an instantly fuller look. These tips can ensure that your beard grows in much thicker the first time around.

 How to Thicken Your Beard: If you’re eager to make your beard look healthier, thicker, and fuller overnight, then start off by trimming and shaping your beard. Use skin care products that allow you to sculpt and shape your beard easily, and be sure to use a dedicated beard wash that can prevent ingrown hairs, oil buildup, and dry skin.

Getting Results

If you tried growing a beard out in the past and ended up shaving it off within a matter of weeks, the tips included here will help you achieve the desired results, while also allowing you to walk around with a fuller thicker looking beard by just using a few styling tips.

In reality, very few guys are fortunate enough to have the type of thick beard they’re hoping for during their first year. But did you know that the longer you allow your beard to grow that thicker it will be? It will take time for the patchiness to fill in as your goatee and mustache connect the hair grows on your cheeks. Patience always pays off in the end. On average you will have to wait approximately six to nine months for your beard to grow in full and thick.

Skin Care

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Just like with your skin if you fail to take care of your beard properly you can’t expect it to look good or even grow. To start, you’ll need to exfoliate your skin and continue to do so until more growth develops and makes it difficult. Once your skin starts to look somewhat scruffy you can start using creams to help soften the hair follicles and also prevent ingrown hairs. Beards can easily become a problem if you fail to take care of your skin properly. Over time oil and dirt can become trapped beneath the hair follicles, which is why it’s important to also use a beard wash at least once a day. Washing your face daily will help to clean the skin and moisturize the coarse beard hair, which can help to boost hair growth. Basically, washing your face regularly will help to achieve that thick full beard you so desperately want.

Follow the Proper Diet

It may sound silly, but following the proper diet can also help you achieve a fuller looking beard. If you’re eating a diet that mainly consists of processed foods, fast foods, and frozen foods, then not much nutrition is getting to the hair follicles. Poor nutrition can have an impact on hair growth and even thickness. Try taking a multivitamin supplement to ensure you’re getting the proper nutrition.

Brushing and Combing

Do you brush or comb your beard regularly? If you don’t own either a comb or brush then you’re doing something wrong. A beard will often grow in any direction it wants, which is why combing it out regularly can help to guide the hair in the right direction, it can also make your beard looking well kept. It will also help by preventing breakage, and can remove dirt, debris, food, oil, and dry skin, giving the skin beneath your beard a chance to breathe. Especially since beard hair tends to grow in many different directions, it can instantly make your beard look patchy, wild, and unkempt. So combing or brushing it once or twice daily can help to evenly distribute the hair and instantly make it look thicker, fuller, and healthier.

A New Style

So you’re probably hoping for more length, however, some people simply aren’t meant to have long beards. Whether this is a matter of a shape or hair texture in some cases a short, but well-kept beard will look much better than a thin patchy longer beard.

If you want to make your beard look instantly fuller, then try trimming it. I recommend using the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor. Your beard should be trimmed the fullest around the lower jaw and the thinnest around the ears. The hair on your face will grow at a different rate based on the area of your face. Some men may have better luck growing in a mustache, while others will have thicker hair on their chins or cheeks. Most men report that the mustache is usually the hardest part of the beard to grow and the slowest, while others claim that the cheeks have the slowest rate of growth.

But regardless of the areas that are struggling with growth, you should consider trimming. Don’t hold off on trimming your beard until it’s the length that you want. Instead, trim as your beard grows in order to maintain a certain length all over your face. Keep in mind that the area closest to the ears should be much shorter than the rest of your beard. Not only will keeping your hair trimmed boost hair growth, but it can instantly make your entire beard look fuller if done correctly.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Not only are ingrown hairs unsightly and painful but they can also draw unwanted attention to the patchy areas of your beard. Unfortunately, these ingrown hairs can also become easily infected and can lead to scarring if left untreated. If you’re currently struggling with ingrown hairs avoid pulling out the hairs using your fingers.

Instead, use a pair of tweezers that have been sterilized and soften the ingrown hair using rubbing alcohol and a warm washcloth. Place the warm washcloth on your face for five to ten minutes. Once the hair has softened up, use the sterilized tweezers and remove the hair by the root. Ingrown hairs can give your beard a scraggly patchy looking appearance. It can also make it difficult for other hair to grow. If you’re having problems with ingrown hairs purchase a beard wash and use it one to two times a day to keep your beard clean and free of oils and debris.

Learn How to Style a Beard

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While some men claim that styling a beard is easy, it’s really not. Just one slip up and you can end up with a patchy beard that’s cut too short and will grow in unevenly. Watch some tutorials online on how to trim and style a beard in order to avoid making common mistakes that new beard wearers tend to make. Look around for different types and styles of beards, whether it’s a beard that has short sides or one length or a well-manicured beard that’s shaved close to your face. Find a style that will suit you and accentuate your best features. You can use the best electric razor and shaving cream and trim off any facial hair that you don’t want in order to make your beard instantly look well-groomed and fuller. There are many styles and shapes to choose from that will complement any face shape. These styles will instantly give your beard a healthier and fuller appearance.

Full Beard

Every beard wearer wants the full beard look. But even if you have a patchy beard, as it grows longer over the upcoming months the length will cover up some of the patchiness. If you continue to trim as your beard grows and shave any hairs that go past the cheek line, this will give you a clean well-manicured look.

Short Beard

A short beard is much easier to grow than a long well-manicured beard, however, if you have issues with an already patchy beard than getting your beard to look fuller can seem kind of challenging. Trimming your beard every three days and combing it at least two times a day can help you achieve the desired length and look in a matter of two to three months.


If you’re one of those unlucky ones that have to deal with a goatee that will not connect to your cheeks or a mustache that will not connect to your goatee don’t give up. Try using a type of beard balm or wax which will help you achieve instant fullness and allow you to shape your facial hair to cover up patchy spots.

Related Questions

How Can I Grow Out My Patchy Beard Naturally?

Since beards are more popular than they’ve been in decades, there’s no shortage of hair care products to choose from including balms, creams, lotions, and oils. Each of these products will help to instantly make your beard look thicker, fuller, and less patchy.

How Long Does it Take a Beard to Grow?

This will be different for everyone and will depend on genetics. If you normally have to shave once or even twice a day to achieve a cleaner look, then you may be able to grow a beard in as little as three to four months. Other men may have to wait five or six months for their beards to grow in. It also depends on how well you take care of your skin and your beard. Washing your beard, using products to keep it hydrated, and brushing it regularly, can have an impact on how quickly your beard grows in.

Final Thoughts

These tips on how to thicken your beard can give you that classic, well-manicured look that every beard wearer loves. To sum it up, trimming and proper skin care are essential for hair growth and a beard that will look instantly fuller. If you’re determined to grow a beard this time around, then start off by purchasing skin care products that will moisturize your hair and your skin and prevent dry flaky skin. However, if you’re prone to breakouts, then you’ll also want to choose a cleanser that helps to combat oil buildup, which can lead to ingrown hairs. With proper hygiene and regularly trimming and grooming, you’ll notice that your beard will look much fuller and healthier in a matter of weeks.