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Best Beard Softener: 2021 Guide and Top Products

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The best beard softener can instantly change the texture of your beard, for a smoother, well-groomed look and a beard that’s shiny and healthy. Many of the leading products on the model also focus on promoting skin health, which can significantly cut down on your risk of developing skin irritation and ingrown hairs. It can also make life more bearable when you’re growing your beard out.

But finding the right product, one that contains all-natural ingredients and a formula that actually works to keep your skin hydrated and your beard soft, is much easier than it sounds. Since beards are now more popular than ever, the market is flooded with a wide range of products that all claim to help soften beards, hydrate the skin, and keep your beard looking shiny and healthy. Which is where I come in. I’ve tried many of these leading products and I can tell you firsthand, which ones work, which ones have an overpowering fragrance, and which products you can use to both hydrate and style your beard. Below, you’ll find a buyer’s guide which will show you the active ingredient in each beard care product, what type of product it is, whether it’s a cream, balm, or conditioner, and how it rated in terms of effectiveness, a great-smelling formula, and overall quality.

Beard Softeners Comparison Chart

ProductActive ingredientFrequency of useTypeRating
Polished Gentleman Conditioner
polished main Shop On Amazon!
Tea tree oilOnce dailyconditioner
Wahl Beard Creme
wahl main Shop On Amazon!
Jojoba oilTwice dailycream
Honest Amish Beard Balm
Honest main Shop On Amazon!
Coconut oilOnce dailybalm
Viking Revolution Conditioner
Viking main Shop On Amazon!
Argan oilOnce dailyconditioner
Kerah Lane Beard Balm
Kerah main Shop On Amazon!
Argan oilOnce dailybalm

Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Conditioner


Our Rating: (5/5)

This is an all-natural beard softener that will help to condition the skin and facial hair, while also adding some instant fullness. This product contains many powerful ingredients including tea tree oil, which will kill bacteria and eliminates dandruff, manuka honey, which contains natural microbial properties, and argan oil which is very hydrating for the skin.


  • Can be used daily
  • Sweet scent
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Tea tree oil fights bacteria and dandruff
  • Low price


  • Tea tree oil can be irritating to the skin


This all-natural conditioner can be used in the shower daily, even on the days you don’t wash your beard. You’ll only need to use a small amount, work it into your beard, and allow it to sit for five to ten minutes. The sweet-smelling fragrance is not overwhelming and the fact that it can instantly add some fullness to your beard is a huge selling point. I gave this product a rating of five out of five stars.

Wahl Beard Creme for Softening


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This beard softening cream is designed specifically for coarse beards and itchy skin. This product works to hydrate the skin and hair follicles and will work on beards of any length from stubble to long beards.

This product contains moringa, cloves, olive oil, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil, and sativa seed oil. It’s designed to penetrate the skin and relieve itchiness and dryness, leaving your hair looking shiny, healthy, and soft.


  • Can be used twice daily
  • Gentle on the skin
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Low price
  • Relieves itchiness


  • Strong scent


This product may have a scent that’s too strong for some users. However, the all-natural ingredients make up a formula that can instantly relieve itchy, dry skin, and it works to penetrate deep down into the skin, promoting hair growth and soothing rashes, and general skin irritation. I gave this product a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This balm by Honest Amish is working double duty, offering an all-natural product that works to hydrate the skin, while also conditioning it. This product can be used as a conditioner in the shower and rinsed out, or you can leave it in for all-day hydrating action. Since it’s a balm, you can also use it to style your beard, for an instant, well-groomed look. This product is specifically designed to nourish new growth, repair split ends, and help with itchy skin.


  • Mild fragrance
  • Can be used for styling
  • Low price


  • Can be difficult to rinse out


This is an all-natural product that has a waxy consistency, which will allow you to expertly style your beard, while it works its hydrating magic. This product is perfect for beard wearers suffering from dandruff, dry, itchy skin, and works on beards of every length, including stubble. I gave this product a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

Viking Revolution Beard Conditioner


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This conditioner is specifically designed to boost hair growth and hydrate the skin and hair follicles. This product is the go-to conditioner if you’ve just started growing your beard out and you’re looking for a way to relieve the intense itching and dryness that occurs during the first month of growth. The formula is designed to penetrate deep, in order to heal the skin, soothe irritation, minimize itchiness, and stimulate hair growth.


  • Mild scent
  • One hundred percent money-back guarantee
  • Contains all-natural ingredients


  • Excessive use can cause irritation


This conditioner is gentle enough to be used daily and contains all-natural ingredients that are designed to hydrate the skin and leave your beard feeling soft and more manageable. This product contains jojoba and argan oils, both of which are known for their powerful moisturizing effects. When used consistently, this conditioner can improve the texture of your beard in as little as a week. I gave this product a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

Kerah Lane Beard Balm


Our Rating: (4/5)

This balm can be used to boost hair growth, can add some instant fullness, soothes irritated skin, tames wild beards, and hydrates the skin and beard. This multitasking product works well for most skin types and contains vitamin E, which is designed to repair damaged hair follicles while soothing dry skin. It also features a non-greasy formula and can be reapplied twice a day. It has a mildly sweet scent and contains chamomile, flaxseed, grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, and jojoba oil.


  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Hydrates the skin and beard
  • Makes styling your beard more manageable
  • Low price
  • Contains vitamin E


  • Formula is actually very greasy
  • Some buyers may find the scent too strong


This powerful hydrating formula will keep your beard looking and smelling great. Since it contains vitamin E, you know it works to hydrate the skin and beard, while the all-natural formula is a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. Some buyers felt that the oil’s scent was too strong and that the formula itself was too oily. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when you’re dealing with beard oil, a little goes a long way. I gave this product a rating of four and a half stars out of five.

Buyer’s Guide

When you first grow a bread out, it can be a lengthy, uncomfortable process. You may mistakenly believe that your beard will start off soft and smooth, but most men quickly discover that growing out a beard is not only generally uncomfortable but incredibly itchy as well. Beards tend to grow in very coarse, which is where beard softeners come in.

If you naturally have dry hair on your head, then the odds are you’ll also have a dry beard. This doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. Instead, take it upon yourself to try out a beard softening product, one that can have a huge impact on the softness and overall texture of your beard. It can also help if you want to thicken your beard instantly, since some men aren’t lucky enough to grow in a thick healthy-looking beard at the start, and have to settle for patchy growth for several months.

What Can Cause a Rough Beard?

Sometimes, people are just born with genes that give them dry, rough hair. In other instances, it can be a matter of you not drinking enough water daily.

Another reason why your beard may be so dry and rough is your grooming habits. Do you trim your beard often? This can be one of the biggest reasons your beard feels so rough and abrasive. When you trim your beard, it probably feels stiffer immediately. If you allow your beard to grow out a little then this can go a long way towards improving its texture.

Additionally, the current length of your beard can play a major role in how soft or rough it is. Longer beards are often much softer than shorter ones.

A lack of grooming can also be to blame. If you’re not taking care of your beard, then you can expect a rough beard and dry, flaky skin. Most beards require some TLC to look and feel good, so they won’t just naturally grow in feeling and looking great.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to instantly boost beard health, and that includes using the right type of beard care products. Even if you follow a diet that’s high in healthy fats and drink plenty of water, you can still have a rough, bushy beard. Beard care products are specially formulated to soften rough hair, allowing you to instantly tame your beard and giving it a cleaner, well-groomed look.

Beard Care Products

Smiling bearded

Don’t go thinking you can use the same conditioner that you do for the head on your hair for your face. The head has well over one hundred thousand hair follicles, all of which produce sebum. Sebum is a type of waxy substance that helps to improve skin health, providing much-needed hydration. The face only has around thirty thousand hair follicles, so it doesn’t produce quite as much sebum. This is where beard care products come in handy.

The right type of products for your beard should work together to help repair beard and skin health. Softeners are designed to be used in the shower, right after you wash your beard.

When you use a specially formulated beard wash, you’ll want to focus on working the shampoo into a nice lather, then work it into the roots and allow it to sit for five to ten minutes. This should be done at least twice a week, up to three times a week. Washing your beard too frequently can also be very drying to the skin.

Beard softeners are pretty powerful and can provide different types of results depending on how you use it. If you don’t want a beard that’s baby fine, then you can rinse the softener out five to ten minutes after you apply it. However, if you’re dealing with some serious dryness, then you can use a product designed for deep conditioning or products that are designed for all-day wear. This often includes balms and creams.

What are Beard Softeners?

Beard softener is a term used to refer to a variety of different beard care products that are designed to improve the texture of your beard, while boosting skin health. These softeners can include:

  • Special shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Balms
  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Moisturizers

When it comes to choosing a softener, depending on the current state of your beard, you may need to use more than one product. There are many different types of beards, but whether you have a long fine-haired beard, or a thick short one, a powerful moisturizer is essential. In fact, most beard wearers will use a specially formulated shampoo, conditioner, and then a styling product that’s designed to improve the beard’s texture, while also making it more manageable.

Below, I’ll go over each type of beard product, how to use them, and why the work. Of course, if you want to make your beard grow faster, proper hygiene and grooming habits are the way to go. If your beard isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, it’s not going to grow very fast or look healthy. It can also leave your skin feeling chafed and irritated. With the right beard care routine, your beard will become softer, thicker, and fuller, in a matter of weeks.

Gentle Products

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, always opt for natural products for your facial hair. Products that are chemically-based tend to cause skin irritation. This is especially true with products that have an added scent.

If you’re currently experiencing dandruff, itching, rashes, or ingrown hairs, then using an all-natural softener is the way to go. Most of these products will feature ingredients that can instantly reduce itching and general irritation. Additionally, with consistent use, you’ll notice that you’ll have a much easier time brushing and trimming your beard. It will also have an impact on how full your beard looks.

The best products that work to condition and soften your beard can provide some of the following benefits, including:

  • Reduce or eliminate itching
  • Reduce coarse hair
  • Soften stubble
  • Minimize general irritation
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Soothe rashes

These softeners can also get rid of any excess oils in the hair, which can cause coarseness. However, not every product will work the same or provide the type of results you’re looking for. Because of this, it’s important to pay attention to a product’s active ingredient. If the active ingredient is a chemical, avoid it at all costs. Instead, look for all-natural, high-quality active ingredients that have a reputation for hydrating the skin. This will be very important if you have sensitive skin.

These ingredients can include:

  • Essential oils
  • Grape seed oil
  • Castor oil
  • Almond oil
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Vitamin E

Depending on the type of softener you buy, whether it’s a balm, oil, moisturizer, or conditioner, they may contain different active ingredients.

Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioning the beard is pretty much the same method you’ll use to condition your beard in general, you’ll just leave the product on longer, for five to ten minutes more.

You can also still use the softener on days you don’t wash your beard. This means, if you’re dealing with flaky skin and an abrasive beard, try deep conditioning your beard daily. Softeners have an amazing effect on beards and can turn them around in a matter of days.

Beard Shampoo

A good shampoo for your beard will efficiently remove any type of buildup of oils and dead skin, properly preparing it for conditioning or another type of moisturizing product. Remember, this type of product should only be used a couple of times a week to avoid drying out the beard and your skin. Make sure the shampoo you buy is specifically designed for facial hair and use it according to the product’s instructions.

After Shower Products

Once you’re out of the shower, you can apply another type of beard softener. Most beard wearers recommend beard oils, which are perfect for right out of the shower use, while your pores are still wide open. You’ll only need to use a few drops of the oil and carefully work it into your beard. Keep this in mind and take into consideration that you’ll need to devote a few minutes to rubbing and massaging the oil into your beard. Many beginners make the mistake of adding too much oil, which will leave you with a wet-looking beard. Too much oil can also work against you and can clog your pores, which can lead to blemishes and skin irritation.


Aside from a good beard wax, balm is another popular choice and one that people will use to both hydrate the skin and hair, and help with styling their beard. To use this type of product, you’ll want to start with a beard that’s slightly damp, which will make it easier to work the product in thoroughly and evenly throughout your entire beard, including your sideburns. This type of product can be used up to three times a day, and is easier to use than beard oil since it can be all too easy to add too much oil to your beard.

Moisturizers specifically designed for facial hair should also be incorporated into your daily grooming routine. These formulas are non-greasy and work impressively fast to quickly soften a beard’s texture. They’re often referred to as beard lotion or balm.

Final Thoughts

Using the best beard softener, consistently, can have a major impact on how your beard looks and feels. How to use these products will vary depending on whether you’re using a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, oil, or balm. Pay close attention to the instructions on the packaging, and if you notice any new irritation, stop using the product immediately. Consistency will be key. Don’t only use one of these products when you notice dandruff or if your skin feels itchy. Instead, use them daily for the best results.