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How Often Should You Shave Your Head

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Many men will decide to take the plunge and shave their head down to the skin, in order to commit to a new look as a result of a receding hairline. But in order to maintain this look, how often should you shave your head? Can shaving your head too frequently or incorrectly result in skin issues? It can, which is why you need to take certain precautions when you’re performing this type of grooming process. Those new to this look may want to know how often they need to shave their head in order to keep that well-groomed look. How frequently you shave can depend on the look you want, how sensitive your scalp is, and how fast your hair grows. Now, let’s learn more about the proper way to maintain that classic shaved head look.

Why Men Take the Plunge: Shaving Frequency

Some men choose to shave their heads due to a receding hairline, while others will do it for a new look, or there are those who want a more low-maintenance hairstyle. If you’re new to the shaved head lifestyle then my guide on shaving basics will lead you down the right path to a smooth cut and a great look.

While shaving your head means you don’t have to pay to have your hair cut by a professional once or twice a month, in addition to not needing to buy waxes, clays, or other types of styling products, you still will have to keep up on hair maintenance.

Shaving your head will require a completely different hair care regimen. Just because you shaved off all of your hair doesn’t mean that you are getting away without having to buy grooming products forever. A shaved head will still need some TLC.

A High-Maintenance Cut

For some, shaving your head can be higher maintenance than having your hair trimmed once or twice a month. Why? In some cases, when men shave their heads in order to escape the receding hairline look, frequent head-shaving is needed in order to avoid stubble that clearly showcases you’re losing your hair. If this is a reason why you’re shaving your head then you’ll want to take a razor to it once a day or every other day.

The frequency in which you need to shave your head does tend to depend on why you’re shaving it. If you’re not shaving it to get away from that receding hairline look, and you’re simply doing so because the hot weather has returned and you want to keep cool, then you may only need to shave your head once or twice a month.

Low-Maintenance Style

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If you love the low-maintenance look and the feel of stubble, then shaving your head once a week should be more than sufficient.

You may need to shave more often if your hair grows quickly, or you’re trying to maintain a certain look. Because of this, you’ll need to carefully monitor hair growth and take note of how often a shave is needed.

As I mentioned earlier, just because you have a shaved head doesn’t mean you now have a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Having a shaved head will mean taking better care of your scalp since it will be exposed to the elements and the sun.

Sun Protection

If you’ve decided to go completely bald, then one thing that some men tend to forget is that their hair is no longer around to protect their scalp from the harmful rays of the sun. While you could wear a hat to provide much-needed sun protection there will be some instances in which a hat will not be practical or suitable. As an example, if you head to the beach for the day you’re not going to keep your hat on much if you want to take a dip in the water.

Since your head now has basically zero protection from the sun, it’s important that you use an SPF 50 sunscreen to protect your now sensitive scalp.

Shaving Gear

Using the right type of shaving gear will also be important and can have an impact on how frequently you shave your head. Using the best electric razor, not only will you save plenty of time spent shaving, but you’ll achieve a closer cut without the risk of razor burn.

Fortunately, these electric razors are very easy to use and are safer than using a disposable razor. Basically, they just make it much easier to keep your head clean-shaven.

Scalp Care

Did you know that despite the fact that you no longer have hair your scalp is still susceptible to dandruff? It’s sad but true. When you shave every day, you can put a lot of stress on your skin, which is why it’s important that you take extra steps to take care of it.

In many cases, the scalp can become dry and flaky which is not a look any man wants. So how can you prevent a dried-out flaky scalp? I recommend applying an aftershave balm. This is not the same as an aftershave splash or lotion. The balm should be applied immediately after you shave your scalp if you’re going for the closest shave possible. A scalp balm contains a heavy moisturizer that’s designed to help the skin’s natural moisture barrier, preventing any flakiness from occurring.

It’s important that you avoid using an aftershave lotion or splash since these contain alcohol which is very drying to the skin. So, not only will it make your scalp feel like it’s on fire if you use one of these products, but it will also leave it flaky and dry for days.

Using a moisturizer will be very important. In fact, you should already be using a moisturizer for your face since it can keep the skin well hydrated and healthy.

A Close Cut

If you’re shaving your head for appearance’s sake or you want a low-maintenance hairstyle, before you shave it all off you should consider your head shape since it will have a lot to do with how solid of a bald look you’re going for. Obviously, a nice round-shaped head is best but many men will have flat spots, ridges, divots, and scars. With a shaved head, face shape is not quite as important, but if you don’t have a perfectly round head then you may need to leave a little length on.

Are You Ready?

Most men will begin to shave their head once they notice a receding hairline, their hair begins falling out, or their hair isn’t quite as thick as it used to be.

If you want to shave your head at home on your own, then avoid going directly to a scalp level cut. I recommend doing a little experimenting by beginning with a 1-inch guard then slowly working your way down from there. If you haven’t had your head shaved for years, then you may be surprised by the many changes to the shape of your head and new issues with your scalp.

Some men will start off by going to a barber, who can provide some great advice concerning how short to go. Then it will merely be a matter of keeping up with the look and using the same size guard the barber did. Essentially, once the initial cut has been done it’ll be much easier for you to maintain this look.

Shaving your head is as simple as using a one-inch guard all over your scalp. If you want to take it down lower go ahead, just be sure that you start longer than you think you want.

Benefits of Shaving Your Head

For some, shaving their head means finally accepting that they’re losing their hair or that their hair is no longer as thick as it used to be in their youth. But shaving your head can actually offer several benefits many men don’t realize.

  • First, when you shave your head, you’re actually disguising the fact that you’re losing your hair. This can end up giving you more confidence since you will not be so self-conscious about your receding hairline. Male pattern baldness is actually the biggest reason why men will shave their heads.
  • By shaving your head, you will no longer have to overcompensate for your receding hairline which can mean no overspending on hair loss treatments or trying out new hairstyles that are designed to disguise your receding hairline.
  • When you had hair you may have spent 20-30 minutes in the morning drying and styling it before work. Now, you no longer have to waste time. Instead, shaving your head can eliminate your high maintenance morning routine of the past, allowing you to sleep in a little longer.
  • Did you know shaving your head can make you look years younger? If your past look involved thinning hair or a receding hairline, shaving your head can give you an entirely new look and one that’s more youthful.
  • If you hated your hair, whether it was difficult to style or it had the type of texture that made your hair look messy and unkempt, then shaving your head can be the best solution and one that will get rid of constant bad hair days.
  • Having a shaved head is also more comfortable, especially if you live in a warmer climate. During the summertime, you’ll find that you stay cooler, which will be a big plus if you normally work outdoors or spend a lot of time outside.

A Cut that Works with the Length of Your Facial Hair

If you already have facial hair, then you may want to reconsider how long or short the hair on your scalp is. The goal here is to pair the hair length on your scalp with that on your face or if you feel that your new shaved head is giving you a plain look you can decide to grow in facial hair. There are many options when it comes to pairing a shaved head with facial hair, such as a full beard, a short beard, goatee, or mustache. Just be sure the look you go for is clean and well-kept. An unkempt beard will stand out more now that you have a shaved head. Because of this, it’s important that you use the right beard care products such as an oil or balm to keep your beard looking tame and well-groomed.

Other Considerations

In order to prevent a flaky scalp, you’ll need to use a lotion that’s specifically designed to keep it moisturized. However, you’ll also need to take certain precautions when you’re shaving your head in the first place such as going slow and washing your head prior to the shave, in order to remove any built-up sebum and to soften hair follicles. If you rush shaving your head, you can end up with ingrown hairs or a patchy look. It’s important to take your time during the process, especially if it’s the first time you’re shaving your head.

If you’ve never shaved it before then I recommend stopping by and reading my guide on head shaving tips.

Final Thoughts

How often you should shave your head will depend on the length of the cut. If you want to shave your head and take it all the way down to the skin and maintain this look then you can expect to have to shave your head more often than someone that uses a three or four guard. When you take it all the way down to the scalp, you’ll need to shave it every one to two days. If you have an inch or two of growth, then you can get away with only shaving your head once or twice a month. Bottom line, it’s all about the length of hair you want to maintain and the look you want to achieve.