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Head Shaving Tips for the Cleanest Shave

Head Shaving Tips

The cleanly shaven head look is in these days and while you can shave your head with pretty much any type of razor, for the cleanest, safest shave, we recommend an electric razor. But having the right tool to shave your head isn’t enough. There are some important steps you must follow to prevent scalp irritation, cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, and inflammation. Fortunately for you, our head shaving tips have got you covered. We’ll go over the dos and don’ts when it comes to shaving your head, so you can avoid many of the common problems most beginners run into the first time around.

Key Takeaway: Before you dive in and shave your head, do some careful planning. Our head shaving tips will teach you the importance of using the right products and creating a head shaving routine that will prevent scalp irritation and ingrown hairs. Most pros recommend first carefully choosing the right tools for the job.

This includes:

  • Boar or badger shaving brush
  • Electric razor
  • Aftershave
  • Moisturizer

These tools are perfect for a wet shave, which can provide the best results and the closest shave.

Read on to find out how to create your own head shaving and skincare routine for a cleaner look and a smoother shave.

Using the Right Tool for the Job

For a clean shave, nothing is more important than a powerful, sharp, electric razor. There are a lot of options on the market these days. Many of the electric razors are now specifically designed for the scalp. This means the razor features a more flexible design, allowing it to move over the contours of your head, easily and without losing contact with your skin.

Shaving Products

A wet shave is always the best option since the hot water helps to open the pores in the scalp. This helps to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. But if you’re going for a wet shave then you should use more than just plain hot water. Find a good shaving product to use, one that doesn’t have a heavy fragrance so it won’t irritate your skin or burn if you nick the scalp.

Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

Most men skip using the shaving brush, but it’s actually one of the best ways to ensure you evenly and completely coat the surface. Using a brush will make applying the shaving cream or foam go on smoother and evenly. You’ll also waste less of the shaving product. We recommend using either a badger or boar hair brush.


Some men always use aftershave, while others don’t. This is mainly a matter of personal preference, but if you don’t enjoy the strong scent of aftershave and the fact that using it can help to reduce irritation, then you can simply skip this step and apply a sensitive skin approved lotion to your scalp instead. Moisturizing immediately after you shave your head is important considering when you shave it removes a layer of skin from your scalp. While using aftershave works to close up the pores immediately after a shave, it can also be very drying to the scalp. Whether you use aftershave or not, apply a thin layer of lotion to your scalp five to ten minutes after a shave.

Create A Shaving Routine

If you prefer that clean, smooth look, then you’ll need to shave your head with an electric razor daily. If you don’t mind stubble, then you can go a day or two without shaving. However, a daily shave can actually leave your scalp looking smoother and may be less irritating to your scalp since you’re not dealing with much stubble. A daily skincare and shaving routine will provide your scalp with the moisture it needs, in order to prevent ingrown hairs. It also looks much cleaner than a head full of stubble.

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Why is An Electric Razor Better for Shaving Your Head than a Traditional Razor?

Using an electric razor is actually a surefire way to avoid a head full of cuts and nicks, especially if you’ve never shaved your head before. But before you can grab your electric razor and start cutting, your hair must be brought down to stubble length. To learn more, click here to read our article on how to shave head with electric razor.

What’s a Good Electric Razor I can Use for My Face and Scalp?

We recommend the Philips Norelco 1250X/40 SensoTouch 3D electric razor. This model comes equipped with an ergonomic handle, three rotary blade design, and a built-in trimmer so you can keep your facial hair groomed and your scalp shaved clean. To learn more about the leading electric razors on the market, click here to read our buyer’s guide.

How to Shave Your Head with Clippers

Clippers are often used if you want the short buzzed look. But they can also be used if you have longer hair and want to get your hair down to stubble length before you use the electric razor. Hair clippers are easy to use. They come with several different attachments that you can use based on the length of hair you’re after. If you want to shave your hair down to stubble length then you won’t use an attachment at all. To shave your head with clippers you’ll use a back and forth or side to side motion. Make sure you pay extra attention to the hair around your ears and at the base of your neck. Once you’re finished, rinse your head off and check for any patches of hair you might have missed.

Final Thoughts

In the beginning, shaving your head can seem difficult, especially if you don’t use the right type of razor or you don’t follow the right steps that can prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. Our head shaving tips will help you create your own unique head shaving routine, using products and tools that are gentle on your scalp, so you can enjoy a fast, easy shaving process that leaves your skin looking smooth, fresh, and razor burn-free.

Head Shaving Tips for the Cleanest, Safest Shave
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Head Shaving Tips for the Cleanest, Safest Shave
Read about the top head shaving tips to use that can prevent razor burn, learn which products you should use and check out our electric razor recommendation.