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Best Beard Moisturizer for Coarse Beards: Complete 2021 Buyer’s Guide and Must-Have Products

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If you have a beard that’s scratchy, flaky, and dry, and just doesn’t seem to want to grow any longer, then you need the best beard moisturizer. There are many different types of beard care products that can provide moisturizing benefits. This includes lotions, creams, balms, and oils. With the help of the right beard care product, you can treat or prevent itchiness and dryness, and other issues that can cause discomfort.

Since there are many different options available ranging from balms and lotions, to oils and conditioners, choosing the right product for beard and skin health may seem both confusing and time-consuming. I’ve created this buyer’s guide and included product recommendations, in order to guide you on the right path, making it easier for you to select the right product for your beard based on scent, type, and the important benefits.

The comparison chart below will show some of the important characteristics and benefits each product on my list has to offer, so you can choose one that will meet your needs and works with your budget.

Beard Moisturizer Comparison Chart


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FreshLeave-in Conditioner1.7 oz
Rugged Bros Moisturizer

Sweet almond oilLeave-in Conditioner3.4 oz
Professor Fuzzworthy's

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2.4 oz
Wild Willie's Beard Conditioner

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PineWash-Out Conditioner6.4 oz
Beard Guyz Beard Butter

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MangoLeave-in Conditioner4 oz

KEEPIT HANDSOME Beard Moisturizer

Our Rating: (5/5)

This leave-in conditioner penetrates deep down and spreads out quickly. It features a blend of emollients that ensures that it works to hydrate the skin and your beard, making it more manageable, while promoting skin and beard health. The formula is non-flaky and non-greasy, however, you should use this product in moderation, or it can leave behind a greasy residue and can make it difficult to re-comb or brush your beard throughout the day. In terms of fragrance, this product has a nice light fresh scent that is not overpowering. It’s also paraben-free and contains all-natural ingredients.


  • Fresh scent
  • Penetrates deep down
  • Hydrates the skin and beard
  • Low price


  • Can be greasy if not used in moderation


This fresh, lightweight leave-in conditioner is perfect for thick, coarse, or long beards that are dry, brittle, and flaky. It works to help prevent or treat beard dandruff and can instantly stop itching and irritation if used consistently, two to three times a week. However, it’s important to only use a small amount of the product, then comb or brush it through your beard. Using too much can cause a beard to look weighed down and can leave behind a greasy residue.

Beard Moisturizer for Men by The Rugged Bros

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is another top-selling leave-in conditioner for beards. It’s a great option for those with thicker beards who have not had any success with balms or oils. The manufacturer claims that the conditioner does a superior job of hydrating the skin and beard, working to lock in moisture and leaving facial hair feeling softer and looking shinier. It’s a great choice for thick, scruffy, unmanageable, or scratchy beards. Its active ingredient is argan oil, so it has a light earthy scent and also contains sweet almond oil, and rose water, for a mild fragrance that most beard wearers can appreciate. This product is also free of sulfates, mineral oils, colorants, parabens, or phosphate.


  • Lightweight formula
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Sweet almond oil scent
  • Soothes itchy dry skin


  • Pump on bottle frequently sticks


This sweet almond scented, all-natural leave-in conditioner is perfect for dry, brittle, coarse beards, and features the type of lightweight formula that won’t leave a beard looking or feeling weighed down. The only problem with this product involves the pump design, which can be difficult to use and often gets stuck in place, according to some users.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm Gloss Leave-In Conditioner

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is both a beard balm and leave-in conditioner that leaves behind a beard that’s hydrated, shiny, and healthy. The formula consists of organic plant oils and leatherwood beeswax. It features a woody scent and a creamy texture that has been infused with Tasmanian kunzea oil, which relieves skin irritation and itchiness. The balm protects and coats the beard, so it can also be used to shape and style it. The formula is free of parabens, sulfates, and other types of chemicals, offering an all-natural formula that won’t irritate the skin.


  • Woody scent
  • Coats and protects the beard
  • Works as a leave-in conditioner and balm
  • Low price


  • Can heave a greasy texture if not used according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Scent may be too strong for some beard wearers


This two in one formula provides a product that works as both a leave-in conditioner and a balm, so it will hydrate the skin and beard, and can also be used to style, shape, and tame it. Some beard wearers will love the woody fragrance, while others may feel that it’s overpowering. The creamy texture works to immediately penetrate deep down, but a little goes a long way, so be careful not to use too much product, or you’ll be left with a beard that looks greasy and weighed down.

Wild Willie’s Beard Conditioner and Softener

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This newest product from Wild Willie’s is designed to penetrate deep into the hair follicles to nourish your beard from root to tip. This is a wash-out conditioner that can be used every time you shower and it does more than leave your beard looking soft, while hydrating the skin. It also cleans your beard, removing dirt, grease, and debris. The formula is designed to moisturize, replenish, and hydrate both your skin and your beard, so it’s a great choice for those in the new beard growth phase who are dealing with severe dryness and itchiness.


  • Pine scent
  • Hydrates the skin and beard
  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Low price


  • Doesn’t work well on thicker beards
  • Does not treat static or frizz


This wash-out conditioner can be used several times a week and works to instantly soothe dry, irritated, itchy skin. The formula has a nice pine scent that’s not overpowering, so most users will find it pleasant. Overall this is a great product, but it doesn’t help to keep thicker beards more manageable and doesn’t contain any ingredients that can address static or frizz.

Beard Guyz Beard Butter

Our Rating: (4/5)

This balm does double duty as a leave-in conditioner and offers a unique moisturizing formula that can transform even the driest beard, thanks to the mango and shea butter formula that also contains coconut oil. The formula smells like real mangoes and is non-greasy. It has a nice lightweight texture that makes it easy to work into even the thickest beard and allows you to shape and style your beard as-needed, throughout the day. If you use too much, it can leave your beard feeling tacky and may be difficult to wash out.


  • Mango scent
  • Contains coconut oil
  • Styles, hydrates, and shapes beards
  • Leave-in conditioner and balm


  • Can leave beard feeling tacky


This product is perfect for dry, itchy beards, short beards, thick beards, and new beard growth. The key here is to use it in moderation. A little will go a long way with this product. Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to use too much, which will leave your beard feeling tacky, sticky and difficult to wash. Overall, this is a solid product that’s lightweight, smells great, and allows you to both hydrate and style your beard.

Beard Moisturizer Buyer’s Guide

The right type of moisturizer for your beard type and skin will provide much-needed hydration while promoting skin health and beard growth. It can also treat dry, itchy skin, even if you have broken skin under your beard. A good moisturizer will provide immediate relief. It can also treat or prevent dandruff, which many new beard wearers suffer from. A solid product can get rid of dandruff in no time. Using the right moisturizer is one of the simplest beard growth tricks there is. When your skin and hair follicles are clean, hydrated, and healthy, you can expect your beard to grow at a much faster rate, compared to dry, brittle beards.

Additionally, if your beard is usually unmanageable due to frizz, tangles, or static, using a moisturizer will be a must.

Moisturizers by Type

Moisturizers can come in a variety of types, including:


Beard oil is a type of liquid moisturizer that works well in terms of absorption. It gives a beard a nice matte finish and makes it more manageable. It also does an excellent job of hydrating the skin and beard.

Balms and Butters

If your beard has a matted appearance or it’s looking a little rough and thin, then a balm or butter is one of the best ways you can instantly thicken your beard. Balms and butters have a very thick consistency. This type of product is preferred by people who are looking for a product that can shape a long beard, easily. Not only does it make it easier to style your beard, but it remains pliable, so you can reactivate it by brushing, combing, or running your fingers through your facial hair.


Conditioners are thick and are available in two options: leave-in or rinse out. Conditioners are often used in the shower, every two to three days and offer plenty of hydrating power, but they can’t help with shaping or styling your beard.

To learn more, click here to read my guide on the differences between different beard care products.

With so many options available, how do you know which product will work for you? Below, you’ll find a list of characteristics to pay attention to, before you buy.

Ingredients List

Make sure you choose a moisturizing product that contains natural ingredients and try to steer clear of anything that contains sulfates, parabens or other chemicals. This will be especially important if you have sensitive skin.


How a beard care product smells is everything, at least for some beard wearers. You don’t want a strong fragrance if you normally wear cologne or another type of grooming product with a heavy scent. Since you’re ordering online, it can be difficult to determine how strong or mild the fragrance is. Because of this, I recommend reading beard moisturizer reviews to get a better idea of how the product smells, before hitting that buy now button.


Do you want a product that’s gummy, greasy, or creamy? A moisturizer may feel sticky, or too waxy, or they can leave behind a residue on your couch, office furniture, or wherever you lay down. Some products that are designed to be reactivated may have a creamy texture, but when used in moderation, should not feel greasy.


Don’t expect to pay big for a moisturizer. Most products are moderately priced. However, if you want to use more than one type of beard care product, the cost can quickly add up. Keep in mind that most types of products don’t require you to use more than a dime or quarter-sized amount. Basically, a little goes a long way, so don’t be put off by the size of the jar or bottle. While you can get a beard care product at your local retail store, these places often only carry a few different types. While the price may be low, it’s often a tradeoff for a waxy or greasy formula or a product with a heavy scent. So be prepared to fork over a little more cash for a high-quality product that you can order and reorder online, where you’ll also find a much better selection.

Choosing a Moisturizer Based on Beard Type

How do you know whether to go with a balm, a cream, an oil, or a conditioner? In some cases, it’s going to be a matter of trial and error. However, if you know a little bit about how these products can help and what type of results they offer, then you should have no trouble finding the right type for your beard.

Thick Beards

For thick beards, you can use pretty much any type of product, but you may find that some are more effective than others. Most barbers will recommend an oil and a wash-out or leave-in conditions. An oil will help to keep the beard hydrated after you wash and condition it, however, they won’t help when it comes to shaping and styling your beard. If your beard is relatively tame, then you may not need to use anything more than a beard oil. But if you’re constantly battling frizz and flyaway hairs, then I recommend using a balm.

Fine Beards

If you have a fine beard, then you’ll be a little more limited in terms of what types of products you can use. With a fine beard, it’s pretty easy to overdo it with beard oil. I recommend avoiding that product and instead opting for a beard butter or balm. Wash your hair regularly and condition using a wash-out conditioner, then use a balm to help shape and style your beard.

Long beards

If you have a very long beard, congratulations. Many beard wearers will not make it as far as you, especially if you don’t use any beard grooming products. But since your beard is so long, you’ll have to use more products compared to the beard wearer with only a few months of growth. Because of this, I don’t recommend using an oil, since it can again be too easy to overdo it and use too much product, so you’re left with a beard that’s greasy. It can also end up costing you too much a month, since you need to use too much of the product, and you may also struggle to work the oil throughout the length of your beard. A beard butter or balm will be a better option, since both types of products are easier to work through your beard and a little goes a long way.

Short Beards

Shorter beards will benefit from a good beard oil that’s used in moderation. Oils can help with the intense itchiness that most new beard wearers experience, and it’s much easier for the oil to reach deep down to the skin under the beard and work to keep it hydrated while treating itchiness and flakes. For a shorter beard, you may only need to use an oil for the time being, until your beard is long enough to style, so you won’t need to worry about using a butter or balm. However, I do recommend using a wash-out or leave-in conditioner regularly.

Final Thoughts

Remember, choosing the best beard moisturizer will depend on your skin type, beard length, growing goals, budget, and how fine or thick your beard is. If you end up choosing the wrong product, you may not be encouraged to keep using it in the future, which can have a negative impact on beard growth and health. The products in my best-of list will help by promoting skin health, hair growth, and will make your beard more manageable, so styling it and shaping it will be a cinch.