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How to Fix a Patchy Beard for a Full & Healthy-Looking Beard

Hairy patchy beard

For men who have never grown a beard before and decide to take the plunge, it can be very frustrating and disheartening when they realize their beard has grown in very patchy. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to fix a patchy beard and instantly give it a fuller healthier look. I’ll include a variety of methods that will have your beard looking well-manicured in no time. So, put that razor down for now. Fixing your beard is possible! But only if you closely follow my tips to achieve a full and lush looking beard.

Styling Products

A good beard wax can help you style your beard so that it appears fuller, even if you’re dealing with some seriously patchy growth. Finding the right type of wax will be key, since some tend to be too greasy. However, it’s possible to find a great product, one that won’t leave behind a greasy residue, while allowing you to reshape your beard throughout the day, without having to add more product.

Once you know how to style your beard to give it a fuller appearance, you won’t feel so self-conscious about your beard’s lack of growth. Additionally, many of these products are actually great for your skin and hair follicles and will boost hair growth and improve skin and hair follicle health.

Allow Your Beard to Grow Out

Growing out a beard isn’t pretty. There’s that super awkward period, during the first few weeks where the hairs longer than stubble, but it’s still too short to really groom it or give it any type of shape. During this time, the skin is also unbearably itchy, red, and uncomfortable. This is actually when most men crack and decide to just shave their face. But if you’re one of the few men that manages to make it through the itchy phase, you still need to hang in there. Your beard is still growing.

Many men will notice that their beard appears very patchy during the first month or two of growth. During this time, patience will be key. In some cases, all your beard needs is more time to grow and fill in. if you pull the trigger too soon and end up shaving it before you give it a fair chance to fill in, then you just went through that itching growth phase for nothing. Try to hang in there for at least three months before you decide to do anything drastic.

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Maintain a Short Style

If you decide to keep a short beard, instead of a longer one, then you won’t have to worry so much about a patchy appearance. If you’ve found that your beard looks patchy and unkempt once it’s had plenty of time to grow out, then keeping a stubble length beard may be a better option for you. It will look natural and it’s a better low maintenance option compared to a long beard, since all you have to do is run the clippers over your face once a week or so.

Condition Your Beard

If you’re dealing with a dry, stubborn, patchy looking beard, you may be dealing with patchiness that’s caused by dry skin and hair follicles. Your beard must be moisturized in order to grow. Not only will your beard grow in faster and thicker if you take the time to condition it when you’re in the shower, but you’ll also notice that some of the sparse areas are coming in thicker. Your beard will also look shiny and well cared for. Additionally, these conditioners will also have a positive impact on your skin, so if you’ve been dealing with beard dandruff, then a conditioner is a great move and one that will offer plenty of benefits, such as a silky soft skin and a fuller looking beard.

You can also use a beard oil, which will help to tame any stubborn hairs that just won’t lay flat, plus it will also work to moisten the skin and hair follicles, leaving your beard looking and smelling great.

Brushing Out Your Beard

When you brush out your beard, it helps to distribute the natural oils that tend to build up at the shaft of the hair follicle. Make sure you brush out your beard before bed. You should also have some sort or morning styling routine that will allow you to brush your beard in a manner that can disguise any patchiness until your beard grows in. After you’ve brushed it, you can add a balm that will keep the hair in place, providing all day hold. Make sure when you brush your beard out that you use a gentle, yet firm pressure in order to evenly distribute the natural oils throughout your beard. You don’t want to use too much force since this can end up breaking hair follicles. You also want to avoid irritating the skin, so use short, even strokes, gentle pressure, and use a good styling product in the AM to keep your hair in place.

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Dyeing Your Beard

It may sound silly, but some men swear by this tactic. If you’re dealing with a patchy look that’s due to the hue of your hair, then dyeing your hair may be the best option. This is also a great solution for men that have a two-toned beard, or beards that are very light blond. However, it’s crucial that you pick a natural looking shade.

The shade you pick shade match the rest of your facial hair, such as your eyebrows, or it should be close to the color of the hair on your head. Make sure you style and brush your darker beard, which will also make your newly dyed beard look much thicker and healthier.

Don’t be surprised if the results are really dark, making it obvious that you’ve dyed your beard. You can let the color fade naturally, or, if you’re mortified, you can use some shampoo and rub it into your beard and let it sit for ten minutes, then rinse. This will help to remove some of the dye and make your beard look a little more natural.

During the first week you may find that you need to wash your beard more often, just to achieve a more natural look. This is a technique many men swear by, so if you’re desperate to get that thick well-groomed look then it’s definitely worth a shot. Of course, this isn’t something that will work for everyone, so dye your hair at your own risk, or better yet, have a professional do it.

Stimulating Beard Growth

If you’re diet isn’t that great, then try taking some supplements and making better food choices. A healthy, well-balanced diet can have a major impact on hair growth. If your beard is dry, flaky, and patchy, making this type of important dietary change can help your beard fill in faster and look healthier, over the course of a few months.

If you decide to take supplements, make sure you use a formula that’s designed to boost hair growth.

There are also hair growing products that are designed to help thicken your hair, but these products often stop working once you stop using them. They’re expensive, and you must use them daily in order for them to work. Additionally, some can take three to six months to start showing results.


In some cases, your beard may just need a creative trim job. Longer beards can give the appearance of a scraggly beard. Try trimming up your beard and giving it a little shape. This can help you disguise any patchy areas and can even make your beard look instantly healthier, since you’ll also be getting rid of any split ends. If you want to stay on top of trims, make sure you trim your beard once or twice a month, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Final Thoughts

These tips on how to fix a patchy beard can help you achieve that full thick look that most men want. However, if you’re dealing with a serious patchy problem, then you can’t expect to fix your beard overnight. Sure, the quick fixes here can help to disguise the lack of growth, but if you want to make some real progress, then you’ll need to step up your beard grooming routine, make some important changes to your diet, and avoid the temptation of just shaving your beard off. Over time, and by following the tips I’ve discussed here in my guide, you’ll have a fuller, healthier looking beard, just practice proper hygiene and grooming, and have some patience.