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How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Razor burn and ingrown hairs are a common problem many guys who shave have. But learning how to prevent ingrown hairs can keep your skin feeling soft and smooth while preventing redness, irritation, and possible skin infection. Fortunately, by following a few tricks and tips you can avoid this type […]

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How to Trim Your Moustache

For whatever reason, the moustache became uncool at some point. Like most trends of the past, it has reemerged and is one of the biggest trends in facial hair, since the goatee in the 1990s. But just like the goatee and the equally popular beard, a moustache requires a certain […]

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Best Moustache Styles to Try This Year

Just a few years ago, you probably never dreamed you’d want to grow a moustache. Moustaches haven’t been in style for years, but then all of sudden, they’re everywhere again, just like beards. You may be curious by now and interested in trying out this trend for yourself, but you […]

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How to Shave Your Face

For most men, learning how to shave was a right of passage and a pretty straightforward process. But did you know there’s a right and wrong way to shave your face? If you’re constantly dealing with skin irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs, then you don’t know how to shave […]

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How to Tame a Wild and Bushy Beard

A beard is the epitome of manliness for many men. However, most beards are high maintenance and require more care than most men are willing to provide, which is why you see so many guys walking around with wild, bushy looking beards. Growing a beard takes more maintenance than most […]

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Does Shaving Increase Beard Growth?

Does shaving increase beard growth? No, it doesn’t. Shaving your beard or any other part of your body will not make your hair grow faster. This is a common misconception surprisingly many people believe. Unfortunately, there’s no proven scientific evidence that can back up this claim. There are many factors […]

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How to Thicken Your Beard Instantly

If you gave up on growing out your beard the first time around, don’t feel bad. It’s pretty common for most men to shave off their beard after a matter of weeks, simply because they can’t stand the Itchy phase. Unfortunately, growing out a beard takes time, patience, and commitment. […]

Designing the Neckline
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How to Trim a Beard Neckline

When it comes to trimming and designing the outline of a beard, most men have no idea how to achieve a natural look. The key here is to avoid the mistake of trimming too high on the neck, moving into the face and jaw region. This is a common mistake […]

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Beard Maintenance for Beginners

Learning proper beard maintenance for beginners will help keep your beard well-groomed, neat, and hydrated. Routine beard care will prevent split ends, a frizzy beard, and an unsightly, unkempt look. Our following tips will walk you through how to maintain your bread, while also giving you information on how to […]