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Beard Growth Tricks for a Well-Groomed Look

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Tired of sitting around waiting for your beard to grow or trying to figure out how to thicken your beard? If you’re dealing with a little fuzz on your cheeks or a very patchy look, there are some beard growth tricks you can try that will give your beard the type of thickness and length you’re hoping for.

Basic beard growth tricks can include using scruff cream during the first phase of the growth process, which is one of the most challenging for most men. During this time your face will feel itchy and constantly red and irritated. Using a good scruff cream will keep irritation at bay. During the next phase, it’s important that you keep your facial hair hydrated by applying a beard balm or oil and keeping it nice and trimmed, so it’ll stay looking great from one phase to the next. Once you achieve the ideal thickness and length keep your beard looking well-manicured by using beard care products, and regularly brushing and combing it. This will keep your beard looking healthy, full and thick, which is the goal of every beard wearer.

Growing a Glorious Beard

Growing a long, full and thick beard can be a challenge for some men. Even if it does grow in nice and thick, some men will struggle with getting enough hair on their cheeks or maybe the mustache refuses to grow. The beard life comes with many challenges. But learning how to grow a beard is possible, you just need to commit to the process and put together a beard care regimen that will ensure your beard grows in long, full, and has the type of well-manicured look every beard wearer is striving for.

Create a Routine

When it comes to growing a beard, most men tend to give up too quickly, but when you’re growing a beard you’ll have to force yourself to keep it, even when you’re in that fun itchy phase that most men dread. On average, it will take a beard around four to six weeks to grow in, before you can use the best electric razor to clean it up and achieve a more manicured look.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and grow a beard, the first step is starting with a clean shave. Once your face is shaved, you should exfoliate on a regular basis in order to encourage growth. You can also use a moisturizer and face wash to speed up the growth process.

Dealing with Stubble

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The stubble phase is a big struggle for most beard enthusiasts and it’s a phase that will last one to two weeks. You will want to continue to exfoliate during this phase, however, you should also invest in a good stubble cream, which is designed to moisturize hair follicles and prevent ingrown hairs.

The Itching Phase

As I mentioned earlier, this phase is by far the worst and it’s usually the time most people throw in the towel and reach for their electric shaver. While your beard still isn’t going to look very good at this point, if you stick with it, this phase will be over before you know it. Make sure you’re using a beard oil at this time, which will help to minimize dry skin and itchiness.

Short Beard

Around the second or third month, you should have a short, full beard. Some of your old patches will begin to fill in and your beard will start getting some length. If you’ve been moisturizing by using a good beard cream or oil then your beard should also look shiny and healthy. At this point, you can start grooming your beard with an electric razor or trimmer. I recommend the Remington XR1470 Hyperflex wet and dry shaver.

Ongoing Beard Care

By the fourth or fifth month, your beard has really taken on a shape. It’s important that you continue to use products designed to keep your beard nourished while protecting it from breakage.

Full Beard Growth

By month six your beard should be fully formed and healthy-looking. Continue to keep the beard hydrated and comb or brush it out at least once a day. You can also purchase a type of beard detangler spray, which will prevent breakage as you comb it out.

Add Supplements

If by month four or five you’re struggling with beard growth, this can be an indication that you’re not getting the right nutrition for hair growth. I recommend taking a few supplements to promote hair growth, such as vitamins E, C, and B5, in addition to niacin and inositol. Keep in mind that genetics can play a major role in terms of hair growth, so if your father and grandfather had trouble growing in a full thick beard, then you may be out of luck. However, taking a supplement or two can help.

Beard Nourishment

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Growing a beard can take some people up to nine months. During this period, you’ll find that there are a number of issues you have to overcome to achieve a glorious beard. You may go around for months with a short patchy looking beard that’s itchy beyond belief, which is why I keep mentioning the use of creams, oils, and moisturizers that are specifically designed for beard use. These products will be very important when it comes to hitting each growth milestone.

  • Scruff creams should be used during the first couple of months and can provide the type of itch relief you so desperately need during this time.
  • Medicated balms for beards contain hydrocortisone, which can provide instant itch relief, while also minimizing any irritation and redness. These balms will be a total lifesaver during the first couple of growth phases.
  • Beard oils should be a new staple in your medicine cabinet. These oils can be used during any phase of the beard-growing process and they help to keep the beard hydrated, straight, and prevent dry skin, brittle hair, and breakage. There are a variety of beard oils to choose from these days, so just go with one that has a pleasant fragrance that you can stand smelling throughout the day and night.
  • Brushing and combing should be a part of your grooming regimen by now. But never brush or comb your beard without first applying a beard balm, cream, or oil. Doing so can cause breakage and will make your beard look wild and unkempt.

Shaving as it Grows

It’s totally possible to keep your beard looking good during every growth phase. While you may not have control over the patchy look, you can keep the cheek lines and the neck in check. These areas must be maintained since this is what’s going to give your beard its shape, even during the first month. The cheek line is also what will determine how full your beard grows. The neckline can be tricky for even the seasoned beard owner.

But there’s a simple trick you can use to ensure you don’t go overboard when trimming it. Use a couple of fingers and place them directly over your Adam’s apple. Next, you’ll trim a U shape that goes from ear to ear and around your jaw. You’ll meet at the Adam’s apple.  Next, shave everything that falls below your fingers. This will give you some great definition so you won’t make the mistake most new beard owners do which is either trim the neckline too short, with a too defined line, or they’ll leave it alone altogether.

Trimming these areas should be done every few days. If your beard is growing in very slowly then trim up these areas at least once a week.

Beard Goals

Before you even consider growing a beard, even if you want to stick with a shorter style, it’s important to take a look at all the different beard styles available and choose one that will be the most flattering for your face shape.

There are many different styles of beards to choose from so don’t be afraid to try out different styles until you find one that will work for your face shape whether you have a round face, narrow face, or an oval-shaped face. If you have a face that’s long and narrow, then you will want to steer clear of beards that are too long and thin at the top because this will only make your face look more narrow. If you have a very round face, then you’ll want to avoid too much growth on the cheeks in order to avoid exaggerating the roundness. Again, don’t be afraid to try different styles and choose a few photos for your beard goals.

Time is Not On Your Side

Anticipate having a scratchy, patchy looking beard for the first several months. The biggest reason men end up shaving off their beards is because they’re simply not patient enough. But over time, if you can stick it out, you can end up with a beautiful well-manicured looking beard. The key here is to be patient, have a plan in terms of what you want your beard to look like, and use the right grooming tools and beard care products.

 Growth Pace

There’s a good trick to keep in mind when you’re trying to grow out a beard. Did you know that the hair on your face grows at different paces based on the area? In fact, some men will grow hair that’s fuller and thicker on their chin, while the hair on their cheeks remains patchy for several months at a time before finally filling in. If you know anything about texturizing or layering hair then you’ll have a good chance of keeping your beard looking good from phase to phase. This means trimming up the hair on your chin so that it matches the length of the hair on your cheeks, for a cleaner look.

 Final Thoughts

I hope these beard growth tricks have given you a better idea of how to make it from one phase to the next and keep your beard looking glorious during the entire growth process. Remember, it can take anywhere from four to nine months to achieve the desired look that you’re going for. But by taking proper care of your beard, keeping it hydrated, brushing or combing it out once a day, and keeping it trimmed, you can have a beautiful full and thick looking beard in just a matter of months.