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The Top Six Easy Hairstyles to Do Yourself

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If you’re looking for easy hairstyles to do yourself that can give you a whole new look but a style that won’t take much skill or experience, our list of the top six simple, classic, styles are just what you’re looking for. The following hairstyles will work for most face shapes and will complement a well-kept beard.

These easy hairstyles to do yourself are beginner-friendly, simple, and low-maintenance. Classic cuts such as pompadours and basic taper cuts will give you a cleaner, well-groomed look, while the popular mohawk or undercut can give you an edgy look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Continue reading if you’re looking for an easy to do hairstyle that can totally upgrade your look.

Effortless Looks

Most men can admit, when it comes to cutting their own hair, they’re pretty clueless. But our hairstyle ideas and styling tips will show you just how easy it is to create a new look that’s easy to maintain and even faster to style.

If you don’t have much time to spend on grooming, but you want a trendy look, then the following hairstyles provided by pro barbers and hairstylists can give you some great ideas on easy to do styles that range from classic cuts such as pompadours to popular modern styles like undercuts.

Getting Ready

Before you get started, make sure you wash your hair prior to cutting. This will get rid of grease and any hair styling products. Keep in mind, your hair will be slightly longer when it’s wet. Towel dry your hair and brush it flat before you start cutting. This will give you a better idea of the length you’re working with.

Side Part Classic Style

Side Part Classic Style

If your hair is a few inches in length all the way around, then a classic side part and some product may be all you need for a simple, but edgy look that’s easy to do in the morning.

After you wash your hair, instead of using a hairdryer, towel dry your hair. Make a deep side part. Using some pomade, run the product through your hair, reach to the scalp and using your fingers to work it evenly throughout your hair. Now you’re ready for the hairdryer. On the lowest setting, gently dry your hair, catching any strays. The best thing about pomade is that it keeps the hair flexible. This means, later in the day, if you need to restyle your hair, just take a wet brush and quickly restyle it.

Bedhead Look

For the bedhead look, you’ll need the sides cut at two inches, with four to five inches of hair on the top. After you’ve washed your hair and towel dried it, comb your hair out, then add some pomade or hair putty. You can twist up thicker locks of hair for more texture and definition. Use a hairdryer on low to set the style. This lazy look is popular for beard wearers and doesn’t take much upkeep other than buzzing the sides of your head with a pair of clippers two times a month.


The undercut has been a popular hairstyle for the last couple of years. It’s simple and easy to do and involves the sides cut at half an inch to one inch in length, with the bangs brushed back to one side.


This hairstyle remains popular with teens and men in their twenties. Use a pair of clippers with no guard, shaving the sides and back, leaving a two to four-inch patch of hair running down the length of the head. To style the hawk you can leave it down and add some pomade. If you want to put the hawk up, you can use gel, or hairspray with a hairdryer on high. Grab a brush or use your hand to hold up the hawk in two-inch sections, applying product liberally. Apply heat until dry and the hair remains upright. Continue this process until the entire hawk is up. At this time, you can also trim the end of the hawk straight across for a more polished look.

Tapered Hair

If you want a textured, clean look, you can apply product to your hair and simply brush it straight back. Shorter sides will give it a clean look, however, longer sides also work for this look.


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Pompadours are easy to do, especially if you have thicker hair. This style has been a hit for years and is pretty simple to do with a little practice. For this style, we recommend using a non-greasy pomade.

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Final Thoughts

These easy hairstyles to do yourself will give you a well-groomed look that’s low maintenance and beginner-friendly. You don’t have to be a pro barber to achieve these looks. With the right tools, hair products, and a little experimentation on your part, these cuts can give you a whole new look that will complement your beard and style.