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How to Trim a Beard with Scissors: Medium and Long Beards

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Learning how to trim a beard with scissors is the best way to maintain a healthy beard. A good looking beard is one that’s hydrated, well kept, and free of split ends. While there are several ways you can maintain your beard, giving it a nice trim is one way you can instantly improve your appearance. Using scissors will also prevent you from going overboard and accidentally ruining the shape of your beard

Learning how to trim a beard with scissors will keep your beard looking nice and neat, but it can be a lengthy process if you have a long beard or you’ve never tried trimming your beard yourself. Using a good pair of scissors specifically designed for cutting hair is a must. It’s also important to remember to start with the hair along the jawline and cheeks in order to determine the length you want to achieve. Last of all, never trim your beard on your cheeks, chin, and neck straight across. Allows cut upward and outward for a more natural look that will leave your beard looking smooth and well-kept.

Continue reading to learn about the different cutting techniques you can use to give your beard a pro-quality trim.

Why Trimming with Scissors Can be a Better Option

The reason we’re going to cover trimming your beard with scissors instead of a beard trimmer is that it’s often a better option for beginners. When you’re new to beard life, you may be overeager to tame your beard and get rid of the split ends or learn how to achieve the right beard shape for round face. Scissors will give you more control over a cut, allowing you to slowly snip off a piece at a time while keeping a close eye on the natural shape of your beard.

Another reason involves longer beards. When you use a pair of scissors to trim your beard you can take off as much as you want. But with a trimmer, many models are not equipped to handle epically long beards and may only end up taking off an inch or two.

As we mentioned, trimming with scissors will give you more control over a trim, allowing you to cut off greater lengths, and at your own pace.

In order to correctly trim your beard without ruining the shape, you must do the following:

Shower Before a Trim

Shower Before a Trim

Before you start hacking away at your beard, it’s important that you wash your beard first. This will remove any grease, oils, dirt, or any debris that may have become trapped in your beard during the day, in addition to any type of fancy beard care products that you normally use. If you use a type of beard oil, wax, or gel, then you’ll want to make sure to really lather up your beard to get rid of any remaining product or residue.

If your beard is still packed with wax or oil, it can be difficult to make the proper cut and you may end up with a misshapen beard once it’s product-free.

Use the Pro-Quality Scissors

If you want a pro-quality trim then you can’t just use any pair of scissors you find lying around the house. This means you don’t want to use the same pair of scissors that are often used to open packages or cut off tags. Instead, you need a pair of scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair. Go for five-inch shears since scissors at this length will be easier to control and handle, while full-sized barber scissors can be tricky to use.

Aside from a good pair of scissors, you’ll also need a quality comb. A basic beard comb should do. These combs will have teeth that are narrower, so it will be sure to catch every hair. When you trim your beard you’ll constantly be combing it to make sure that you get the right shape. A cheap comb will have jagged edges that will tear the hair follicles at every pass.

Combing Your Beard Before a Trim

When you’re preparing to trim your beard, after you’ve showered, it should be combed against and with the grain. This will help you learn how your hair grows in and which areas need to be thinned out.

Where to Begin

When cutting, you’ll want to start at the bottom. The most popular beard style involves going along the jawline. Not only is this a great, clean and conservative style, but it’s also very easy to do, especially for beginners who are just getting used to the trimming process.

Keep in mind that you probably won’t get the perfect look by trimming it the first time around. Most men like to trim their beard every few days. This will help you to shape it perfectly.

When you first start trimming your beard, you don’t want to get carried away with the scissors. Beards actually grow much slower compared to the hair on your head, so it can take some time to grow back if you end up taking too much off during your first trim.

Cleaning Up the Sides

Never forget to trim the sides of your beard. This is a common mistake many beginners make and it can leave your beard looking wild and unkempt. If you want to achieve a more tapered look, then the hair growing on the sides should be scaled back in order to balance the longer hair on your chin. This will make your face look more balanced and will also make it appear more symmetrical. Additionally, the hair on your cheeks often looks more scraggly since it tends to grow down and out.

Trimming Neck Hair

Trimming Neck Hair

When you’re shaping the hair on your cheeks and chin, make sure you pay attention to the hair on your neck as well. You don’t want the length of your neck hair to be longer than the hair on your chin. This type of mismatched length will make your beard look sloppy and misshapen.

Cutting Upwards

Cutting upwards is a technique that all barbers use and one that will give your beard a more natural look. Never cut the hair on your cheeks and chin straight across.

Related Questions

Do I Need to Condition My Beard?

Yes! Conditioning your beard is another important key to maintaining beard health and keeping it looking great. Beard balm and beard oil are the two main products that barbers recommend. Oils and balms are basically the same in regard to their conditioning ingredients. Oils usually contain just two main ingredients: essential oils and a type of carrier oil. A carrier oil is often found in beauty products from lotions and shaving cream to shampoos. Argan oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil are among the most common carrier oils found in beard grooming products. Most beard oils  will have a somewhat masculine smell, instead of a heavy fragrant scent. Think woody or smoky. However, you can also find floral and citrus fragrances as well. When it comes to beard balms, they also contain essential oils and a carrier oil, in addition to wax and butter. The cocoa butter or shea butter in a balm works wonders in terms of helping to soften and condition a beard. The wax in the balm is used to keep those extra wiry whiskers down and can also act as a type of skin protectant.

Should I Wash My Beard Daily?

You should wash your beard two to three times a week. If you have a longer beard then you may need to wash it more frequently. Avoid washing it daily in order to prevent stripping the natural oils away. Using a good beard shampoo can be critical to beard health. These specially formulated shampoos can help to keep your beard soft and hydrated, as well as clean.

Will A Stubble Trimmer Keep My Beard Tamed?

If you have the best stubble trimmers you can use it daily to maintain a perfect shape. We recommend the Conair Man i-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer. However, these trimmers often don’t work the best on a longer beard, if you’re trying to take off several inches at a time. However, they’re a great choice for daily grooming and can help to keep the stray wiry hairs in check.

Final Thoughts

How to trim a beard with scissors is easier than you think, however, it can be somewhat of a lengthy process, especially if you’ve never trimmed your beard before. Remember, use the right tools, take your time, and cut upwards in order to avoid an unnatural looking cut. With the right tools, and by following the techniques we’ve gone over here, you can keep your beard looking, hydrated, healthy, and well-maintained.