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Panasonic ER-GB40-S Precision Beard Trimmer Review

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Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Panasonic is one of those major brands that’s known for their high-quality products that are reasonably priced. But their new line of the stubble trimmers is catching the attention of buyer’s in need of a low priced trimmer that offers a high-quality performance.

If you’re someone who’s prone to ingrown hairs and skin irritation from a bad shave, then you know how important it is to use the best stubble trimmer. Ingrown hair and skin irritation can occur if the hairs are cut incorrectly, or if you use a razor that’s low powered or dull. But the newest trimmer line by Panasonic is changing everything. No longer do you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new trimmer. Their latest model, the ERGB40 is affordable, powerful, and versatile.

Our Verdict
The ERGB40 is a great buy if you’re looking for a more intuitive trimmer and one that offers a variety of shave length options. With this model, you’ll get a total of nineteen length options that can be chosen via the quick adjust dial. This trimmer is highly portable, lightweight, packing an extra-sharp blade system, and wet and dry shave approved.

Panasonic has done it again by producing a trimmer that’s versatile and easy to use, and priced affordable. Keep on reading to find out more about the best features this trimmer has to offer and why you’ll never want to travel without it.

Overview and Features

Panasonic has always been a brand you can trust. Their latest trimmer is designed for both dry and wet shaves and it comes loaded with a variety of user-friendly, convenient options that are designed to provide a more luxurious, smoother shave whether you use plain water, shaving cream, or nothing at all. When used correctly, this model packs a lot of power, yet it’s still able to maneuver delicately around the contours of your neck, jaw, chin, and face.

The trimmer is designed to cut accurately and closely along the mustache and beard line. It’s equipped with incredibly sharp stainless steel blades that are positioned at a forty-five degree angle. This is a lightweight trimmer that weighs in at just twelve ounces. The trimmer itself is very sleek and fits well in the hand. The rubberized anti-slip grip will make it easy for you to hold the razor, even with wet hands. The cordless design also makes the razor highly portable, so it’s perfect for travel.

Panasonic ER-GB40-S Precision Beard Trimmer

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Panasonic Beard Trimmer

  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Nineteen length settings
  • Reasonably priced
  • One hour runtime and charge time
  • Beginner-friendly


The one hundred percent waterproof design allows you to use your trimmer in the shower. Since it’s a fully submersible model, you won’t have to worry about damaging the trimmer if it gets dropped in the bath or shower. The fact that it’s waterproof  also means you can use your favorite shaving oils, gels, foams, and creams, unlike with dry shave only trimmers. The ability to use a shaving product will help to minimize skin irritation.

Quick Adjust Dial

The trimmer’s quick adjust dial offers a total of nineteen setting options, so you can experiment and find a length that will work for you and flatter your face shape. As you can see, not only is the trimmer fast and easy to use and adjust, it’s also very beginner-friendly.


The trimmer uses an Ni-MH battery, which offers an hour of runtime and takes one hour to fully charge. In lower priced trimmers it’s not uncommon to find Ni-MH batteries, which don’t usually hold a charge quite as well as lithium-ion batteries. However, this trimmer has a reputation for holding a charge well and has a reasonably short charge time.


If you’re going for a basic shave or trim, then you may only need a few shave lengths to choose from, but for those of you who are still experimenting with your look, these setting options will be a huge incentive to buy. As we mentioned earlier, this trimmer comes with a total of nineteen hair length settings. These length settings range from one millimeter up to ten millimeters. There is also a half-inch setting that’s perfect for adjustments or stubble.


Cleaning this trimmer is a breeze. It features a unique water shutter design for faster clean up. To clean, simply open the water drainer then rinse the trimmer out under the faucet or in the shower. Make sure you use the included brush to whisk out any stray hairs in order to prevent the blades from clogging. This part of the cleaning process should be done after each use. After the trimmer has been rinsed out, shake out any excess water and pat the trimmer dry. Since this model is one hundred percent waterproof, you can use creams, gels, foams and lotions with this trimmer. However, if you decide to use a shaving product make sure you clean the trimmer out after each use, otherwise residue can build up in the blades and negatively impact the trimmer’s cutting performance.

Package Details


This trimmer comes with an AC charger and a battery life indicator, which will alert you once the trimmer starts to lose juice. Additionally, this package also comes with a cleaning brush and a few comb attachments. When charging, the trimmer can be stored neatly in its charging dock. The bright LED light will blink red as it charges or when it begins to lose juice. When it’s fully charged the light will remain a solid red.


This trimmer is perfect for both home use and travel, thanks to its lightweight, compact design. Overall, this trimmer offers a solid performance. However, in order to get the most out of this trimmer you must clean it after each use. It should also be stored in the charging dock in order to keep it fully charged at all times. The blades must be replaced once a year, however, there have been some reports that the blades may need to be replaced every six months, depending on frequency of use. During use, you’ll immediately notice the trimmer’s easy to grip handle. The rubberized grip can help to prevent you from dropping and damaging the trimmer when used in the shower.

The included nineteen setting options allow you to take your beard down to just stubble, or even shape a longer beard. For beginner beard maintenance, you’ll want to begin by using the longest setting and take the beard down in fullness and length, slowly, only about one to two inches at a time. Some beard wearers recommend doing this process over a period of a few days in order to avoid taking too much off. Over-grooming a beard is a common rookie mistake, but this Panasonic trimmer helps to prevent that by offering several settings that will allow you to gradually shape your beard, just the way you like it.

The trimmer’s fast-action blades at positioned at a forty-five degree angle for a superior trim. The blades cut cleanly and quickly, requiring one or two passes only, even for coarser hair. This model is powerful enough to make short work of the densest, wiriest facial hair. The trimmer handles well, even with dry shaves. This is due to the extra-sharp blades, which work to minimize irritation, even for people with sensitive skin.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Nineteen length settings
  • Reasonably priced
  • One hour runtime and charge time
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Quick adjust dial
  • Waterproof
  • Low-maintenance


  • Battery will need to be replaced once a year

How it Stands Up to Competing Trimmers

As one of Panasonic’s top competitors, the Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Stubble Trimmer Kit is available at a comparable price, but how does it really measure up? For starters, it’s a dry trimmer only, which can be a big drawback for the potential buyer who prefers to shave in the shower or use oils or foams when shaving. It does have a longer runtime at one hundred and twenty minutes, while the Panasonic has a sixty minute runtime. However, the Remington trimmer has to be charged for a period of fourteen to sixteen hours, prior to use, while this model only needs an hour to charge. This trimmer has a total of nineteen length settings to choose from, while the MB4040 has just nine length options. Clearly, this Panasonic trimmer easily destroys the competition.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Panasonic Beard TrimmerThis Panasonic trimmer may not come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it does feature a quick dial that allows you to choose from nineteen length settings, not to mention the three included comb attachments. It offers a decent runtime of one hour, with a one hour charge time. The simple, waterproof, ergonomic design allows you to use the trimmer in the shower for a fast clean shave or you can enjoy a quick dry shave or touch up job. For the price, this is a pretty versatile trimmer. We gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars.