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How to Trim a Beard Neckline

Designing the Neckline

When it comes to trimming and designing the outline of a beard, most men have no idea how to achieve a natural look. The key here is to avoid the mistake of trimming too high on the neck, moving into the face and jaw region. This is a common mistake beginners tend to make. Fortunately, our guide on how to trim a beard neckline can help you avoid this embarrassing mistake, which can cause your beard to look small, misshapen and basically give your face a disproportionate look.

How to trim a beard neckline is pretty simple. The first step is using a hand mirror or a three-way mirror to identify your neckline. You’ll want to imagine a curving line that runs under the jaw, from earlobe to earlobe. Next, tilt your chin downward to see a natural crease where the top of the neck meets under the jawline. Take a beard trimmer and shave the hair under this crease and remember to round off the corners in order to achieve a more natural look. And that’s it.

As you can see, trimming the hair on your neck can have a huge impact on your look. When done correctly, it can instantly leave the beard looking well-groomed. Read on to learn about other beard trimming methods you can try that will give you that classic clean looking full beard that all men strive for.

Carefully Navigating the Neckline

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Neck hair often makes a beard look untamed and it can also be pretty uncomfortable. When you’re trimming your beard, you want to create a distinction between where your beard begins and ends. The neckline will basically outline the bottom portion of your beard, which can vary from person to person. If you want to grow a short beard or a classic full beard, then you’ll need to carefully trim the hair on your neckline in order to establish and cleaner shape and look.

Designing the Neckline

Designing the beard neckline is much simpler than it seems, so try not to overcomplicate things. If possible, use a three-way mirror, or you can use a basic handheld mirror in order to view the different angles of your face. When you’re assessing your beard, make sure you keep your chin up and stand up straight. This will help you clearly see the neckline and where you need to shave.

When trimming, begin by imagining a curving line that will travel under the jawline all the way behind the earlobes. The line should stop at the angle where the neck meets under the jaw, right below the chin. The neckline will be close to the top of the Adam’s apple. To get a better idea of how your beard neckline should look, you can also tilt your chin downward to see the natural crease that will appear when the top of your neck meets the underside of your chin.

Taking the Plunge

The next thing to do is picture a couple of vertical lines, one on each side of your face. These lines will run perpendicular to the first line, following the outer edge of the sideburns toward the neckline. This will create the corners of the neckline under the end of the jaw and under the ears. These corners must be rounded off in order to create a natural look instead of an awkward box shape.

Next, you’ll want to shave all the hair under the neckline. And that’s it. You’ve successfully trimmed your beard neckline. If you’ve done it correctly it should look natural and blend in well with your beard and sideburns.

Other Options

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If the methods we discussed above seem too complicated, then you can try the double chin method to identify your beard neckline. To do, tilt your chin downward. Your double chin creates a natural fold where it meets the neck and runs the duration of the jawline. Next, shave off the hair below the line. While, this method may sound silly, it’s actually an easy way to achieve a natural looking beard neckline.

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What Type of Stubble Trimmer Can I Use for Neck Hair?

If you want to use a stubble trimmer to keep your neck hair in check, we recommend the Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7100, vacuum trimmer. This model is very beginner-friendly and comes equipped with a built-in vacuum that will suck up all the hair clippings for easier cleanup.  It also comes with a variety of attachments that will allow you to expertly style and trim your beard, for a well-groomed look.

Can Stubble Trimmers Work on Longer Beards?

Yes. But we recommend choosing a model that comes with different length options. Lower-priced sets may only come with a single attachment for longer beards. If you want to style and shape your long beard, then you need a more versatile trimmer that will help you to thin it out without taking off too much length. If you’re not sure what beard stubble trimmer will work the best for your beard, be sure to stop by and read our stubble trimmers buyer’s guide for more information on important features and a look at some of the leading models on the market.

Can I Have a Long Beard With a Short Hairstyle?

Many hairstylists will tell you that your beard length should match the length of the hair on your head. If you have a long beard and a shorter hairstyle, it can leave you looking disproportionate. If you’re not sure what type of hairstyle will work for your beard, click here to read our article on easy hairstyles to do yourself.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to trim a beard neckline will result in a more natural looking, fuller beard while also helping you to avoid the common trimming mistakes all new beard wearers tend to make. Remember, use the right tools for the job, take your time, carefully plan where you’re going to cut before you cut, and keep up on your beard trimming weekly for a well-polished look.